walking on lonely road

Saturday, May 14, 2011 at 11:34 AM

When it reached this stage, you will begin to think "oh! Time passes quickly" hurmm *sigh. Then, you will start to think of all the memories you had together. All the laughter and the joy you had here. So, after finish all of this student life, we gonna enters a world of WORK..WORK..WORK..WORK..and WORK. No ends…but where do we start? Without any friends by your you gonna step on your own feet. Try to find a job that suits u…a job that make it worth with what you have studied for the past 6 years…a job that can make money to support your whole life…then where do we go? Work till the end of our life? Marry and get children? Then work again for the rest of your life? Hurmm.

Full of question marks rite… maybe we can find a new friends at work…but what about our friends at primary schools that we used to play every day like there is no end…but still It has an end…what about our friends at Secondary schools that we have made promise friend forever? It has been years we’ve never seen each other…is that what you mean by friends forever? Or I can easily translate that as never gonna see ur face forever dude! What about our friend at College? Friend that use to grow up together. Learn about this world together. Watch football, movies, play football and many other stuff together. From now on, we need to be separated friends. We need to find our own life. Try to be fitted in this world. Try to be someone that we wanna be. So, you don’t have to worry of losing friends. No matter where you are, keep the friendship in your heart. Because friends are the one who make you laugh, joy and happiness. Let the memories remains in our heart. PEACE


  1. Nice one there ... enjoyed it alot. Especially this line" never gonna see ur face forever dude " lol nice. keep writing

  2. boneka Says:

    hey...thanks :) sorry for my bad english...

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