Langkawi and so called Mahsuri

Monday, February 28, 2011 at 4:24 AM
I’ve been to a trip with bunch of my classmate last month. So this is where this topic came. Langkawi and so called Mahsuri? Hurmm… whenever we heard about langkawi then mahsuri just blink in our head right? This is because what we have been told since kid... A story about innocent girl name Mahsuri long long years ago… Is it true or our folks just exaggerated the story to become more exiting? I've been research through internet lately and it come to a same story..

This story starts with this young girls name Mahsuri. She was a young girl who lived in Langkawi. This story happened in the 14th or 19th century. She has been slandered of adultery has been executed by stabbing through her chest. Then, she died with a white blood bleed from her chest and curse Langkawi will not safe until her 7th descendant.

I guess the part she was slandered and been executed are true and logic. But when it come she bleed a white blood and the white blood disappeared in the air are truly addition from our folks. Then, curse langkawi till her 7th descendant? Hurmm… can’t be trusted. She’s a normal girl. Why would this unordinary thing happen to her? I’m just curios and I guess this story is full of addition from oldies. By the way, langkawi is a great island tho! Should have visit it! Have fun..^^


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