Funniest thing about us or you?

Sunday, January 16, 2011 at 11:45 PM

Try look at ur fb wall and read all of the posts and it’s comments…Doesn’t that funny? Funny because we try to share everything to the world without keeping any secret…we try to tell the world how u felt today, what u ate yesterday, and even anger to ya mom…duhh~ then post bout something that not really u…how pathetic…try to tell the world bout how cool u are, what song u listen to, and try to show off bout something not really u…

More funny when u upload a picture of u being cool with ur bunch of ur fren with torn jeans…edit ur pic so u look kinda hard core and even showing the hand and kinda stuff….i lol’ed hardly u know… can I call u culture shockers? Coz that time always comes when ur were 18 or 19…but dude u are 20++…should be mature laaa…

Then, come bunch of hypocritetry to backing up their frens and the pathetic post…well, it gross..totally gross… Im not being a stalker or busy body or whatever u call it…it’s a social networking…and that is how the system work…so need to thrust the system…lol…it’s u wanna share to the world…don’t blame us then…no hard feeling k~

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